How To Choose The Best Beginner Backpacking Supplies

Backpacking is an incredible hobby that many people find great joy in. Hiking is great exercise, and being out in the woods in the peace and quiet of nature is great for the mind, too. However, getting into backpacking can seem very daunting. Most beginners are pretty nervous about their first trip. To make your backpacking experience go smoothly, one of the most important things to do is to be fully prepared. Being far from civilization and realizing you are missing an essential piece of gear is a stressful situation. Read on for the most important gear choices you will make.


The first thing to think about when backpacking is choosing the best hiking backpack for you. Packs made for backpackers have special frames, strap to your body in ergonomic ways, and are optimized for spending all day on your back. A school or generic backpack absolutely will not do; you need to spend money on a quality pack. Before going into the woods for days at a time with your new backpack, try it out on a nice long day hike loaded up with about 30 pounds of weight. If it becomes uncomfortable, return it and try another!


The next thing to think about is your tent. Backpacking tents are optimized for weight and ease of assembly. For your starting trip, you should be going somewhere with pleasant weather, so do not worry too much about insulation. Do get a tent safe for the rain in case of a freak storm, but a winter rated tent will add a lot of cost and weight for little benefit. It is highly recommended not to go alone for your first trip; get a single tent that fits two people or however many are in your party. The weight can be divvied up among the group and will be more efficient than bringing multiple single occupant tents.


There are plenty more supplies that you will need for your first backpacking trip, but these two are the most influential for your enjoyment. For more tips on how to prepare for your trip, make sure to do some research and consult backpacking experts. Your local sporting goods store should have backpacking experts on hand to help you decide what gear you need to make your first trip a success. Soon you will be learning why backpackers love the ability to get out into nature and explore the outdoors.